Angela Inez Baldus is an artist, scholar, researcher, and educator interested in the power of art to engage with people and things through exhibitions, education, writing, and pedagogical approaches to making art. Her paintings are focused on exploring the materiality of paint in relationship to both found imagery and imagined spaces. By incorporating cultural interests from the music she engages, to the things that have surrounded her (from family photos to wandered landscapes), Baldus creates imaginary worlds that aim to explore the ideas and poetic relationships between people and things which resonate with her practice as an artist and her interest in relationships between the human and nonhuman. In addition to painting, Baldus has recently been involved in collaborative projects with other artists including the most recent activation of a mobile gallery space called The Confessional, as well as, classroom spaces at the University of Illinois. There she has been a teaching assistant in an Introduction to Art class for nonmajors from 2017 to Fall 2018 and in the Spring of 2019 she taught Image Practice (an introductory new media class for majors which focuses on semiotics, images use, and image production). Baldus recently received her MA in Art Education from the University of Illinois, and in the Fall of 2019, she will move to Vancouver, BC to pursue a PhD in Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of British Colombia.


Current research interests and projects include The Confessional mobile art gallery. To learn more about The Confessional please visit The Confessional website